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Author Cassie A.H. Moore is a storyteller grounded in the real world. Her characters are authentic, memorable, and funny, reflecting a zest for adventure and a joy for life.

A long-time educator, Moore works daily with students and writes candidly about the humor and challenges of working with young people. Her students remain her biggest literary cheerleaders, and she regularly uses them as sounding boards to keep her writing fresh and fascinating.


Authentic Youth Ministry: Straight Talk About Working With Kids, Teens & In-Betweens

Today, kids desperately need our support as they get their balance in this challenging world. On a daily basis, they struggle in a world that makes them second-guess everything about themselves, including their looks, technology, relationships, and young personalities.

Through her own experience, author Cassie Moore shows how to gently lift kids up when they fall to their knees, wobbly and unsure that they can stand. She explains the importance of cheering kids on—reminding them that no matter what happens, they have a loving God who walks with them through the ups and downs of life. 

Whether you’re a volunteer or a professional youth worker, Authentic Youth Ministry will encourage you to understand yourself better as a leader, work more confidently with your students, and embrace the privilege of seeing kids, parents, and entire families grow in the grace and knowledge of Jesus.

Connected For Life: Essential Guide To Youth Ministry

Youth are not just the church’s future—they’re also the church’s now. As a leader, volunteer, or church worker, your job is to remind youth that they’re loved by Jesus and their congregation. At its core, youth ministry is about connecting childhood to adulthood and laying a strong foundation that encourages members to stay connected to the church throughout their lives.

To do that, you need to be encouraged too. That’s where this book comes in. In it, you’ll read chapters written by people who know what it’s like to serve teens and their Savior, and you’ll find guidance, encouragement, and advice on leading a youth ministry that supports young adults in their faith for life.

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Words of Peace and Protection: Devotions for Women

Devotionals are meant to comfort you and provide wisdom from those who have treaded a similar path to yours. These devotionals are written by wonderful, Christian women in all stages of their lives who are here to help guide you through the rough, or joyful, parts of yours. This devotional is broken up into four parts following four different Psalm passages. Each author writes on their unique perspective and takeaway. Authors such as Christina Hergenrader, Deb Burma, Lindsay Hausch, and Cathy Duerr, take you through the Scripture and help you settle into time with Christ. These inspirational devotions are perfect for any and all moments of your life.

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The thrilling adventures of a ragtag team of world travelers, navigating danger & discovery in the Roaring Twenties. Series debut coming soon!

SAVING ANDIAMO (Gallivanter Saga, Book One)

As the Gallivanter Expedition prepares to travel the globe in their Model Ts, young Edith has only one goal: to do whatever it takes to be on that team.

When she impulsively drops out of school to join the ragtag group of explorers, taking the stage name Andiamo Gallivanter, she finds the life she always dreamed about.

Together, the daring adventurers push the boundaries of discovery, navigating exotic new cities, tribes, and danger. 

Instead of settling into the predictable life of a respectable lady, Andiamo settles into the driver’s seat of her automobile, narrowly escaping peril as the Gallivanter Expedition weaves through Spain and North Africa on the first leg of their world tour.

As Andiamo crashes through society’s barriers, she also discovers who she really is—and where she really belongs.

But when a careless moment changes everything, will she escape the unexpected tragedy that threatens her very life?


A NEW WILD (Gallivanter Saga, Book Two)

After the initial leg of their whirlwind adventure, the Gallivanter Expedition is at odds with their rivals, the Chinook Voyageurs. The cocky, all-male team from Canada hires a girl onto their team to compete with Andiamo, and she quickly makes life a living hell for the Gallivanters.

Forced to combine on a joint press tour through Europe, the two teams find common ground but can’t manage to put aside their animosity. Tensions spiral out of control, tempers flaring dangerously.

However, when one of the crews encounters a violent disaster that changes everything, they all find themselves searching to discover what really matters. Can they see past their differences and save each other’s lives?


SAVAGE WORLD (Gallivanter Saga, Book Three)

Reeling from the brutal kidnapping of a beloved crew member, the Gallivanters and their rivals find themselves in a tangled web of daring espionage and a perilous rescue mission.

Faced with increasingly impossible choices, the Gallivanters and Chinooks desperately work to outwit a gang of criminals, trying to avoid a fate that will destroy all their lives and end their expeditions for good.

It will take all of them to manage to piece together a plan to rescue their missing teammate–-but can they get along long enough to make that happen?

They’re horrified to discover just how savage humanity–and their entire group–can be, when pushed to the brink.


THE UNCHARTED WITHIN (Gallivanter Saga, Book Four)

Hollywood offers the Gallivanters and Chinooks the exciting glow of stage lights and glittering parties, as Maxwell Studios capitalizes on their incredible worldwide success by making them the stars of a new film.

As the teams bask in the glamor, however, the call of adventure grows stronger. Conflict splits the teams, as some desire a return to their lives as global explorers.

When Maxwell Studios presents them with a chance to explore the uncharted jungles of Costa Rica, the group embarks on a challenging mission.

But when unexpected calamity strikes, threatening the lives of every member of the group, teammates fall ill, and food supplies dwindle, will they be able to survive nature’s unforgiving test?