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Is your church struggling with how to keep young people involved?

Do you have willing adults who want to help kids, but have no idea where to start?

Have you been trying to hire a youth leader, but can’t get the right person?

Do you have families begging for youth ministry, but no one to lead it?

Young people desperately need caring, Christ-centered adults in their lives. But too often, adults feel helpless and overwhelmed with figuring out how to help them.

Let me help.

I’m a leader from the trenches of youth ministry.

Over the last 14 years, I’ve taken over 1,500 youth on trips, planned events for over 100,000 participants, worked with thousands of teens and families, spoken to leaders all over North America, and authored and contributed extensively to resources on youth ministry from books and articles to videos, podcasts, and curriculum.

As a youth leader, I’ve encountered it all: suicide, assault, self-harm, gender transitions, struggles with sexuality, death, accidents, and a zillion other real-world issues. 

My job is to make the complex more understandable, in giving churches and organizations the most practical and helpful tools for the real world of youth ministry.

My passion is simple: giving other leaders what they need to understand and impact today’s young people, in useful and understandable ways.

Together, we can help more adults meaningfully connect with young people and create healthier churches and communities.

I’m available to assist your church or organization through virtual training sessions, on-site training sessions, or a comprehensive consultation and training sessions.

Let’s work together to bless the world around us.

Please contact me for additional information, fees, and booking availability.